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ZSNES WIP 2006-11-12.
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Un tres bon emulateur, nbreuses MAJ - Snes9x est plus conviviale et ZSNES plus puissant.


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Derniers changements
ALL: Reverted a fix for joystick 2 because it broke some games. [Jonas Quinn]
ALL: Updated the bg scroll registers. Michael Jordan - Chaos in the Windy City is fixed. Thanks to byuu for the information. [Jonas Quinn]
ALL: Player 2's default up key is now "J" instead of "K" (for your sanity). Also, the Keyboard/Gamepad option for the non-DOS ports has its option name expanded. [Deathlike]
ALL: Seta 11 support. Thanks anonymous donor and Jonas Quinn. [Nach]
ALL: Removed the "extra box" when clock or FPS counter is in use. Beware of the stack! [Deathlike]
ALL: Improved support for SRAM concerning second ST cart. [Nach]
ALL: Now got mapping done correctly for dual ST, no more special attack crashing. Note this code is messy and some things can be handled better. [Nach, Jonas Quinn]
W_S: Added more restrictions to the Set Custom Res button. The resolution is set+changed only when the res inputted is within the possible min/max. Also, when the button sets a resolution that is less than 298x224, it will automatically turn off Keep4_3Ratio. [Deathlike]
W_S: Fix the HQx mode from changing or possibly crashing ZSNES when toggling VSync or Triple Buffering. [Deathlike]
WIN: Removed resolution resizing while using the NTSC filter under a Windowed mode. [Deathlike]
SDL: Fixed weird battery stats on Linux with some strange Dell laptops. Thanks Dan for testing. [Nach]
SDL: Battery support for FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, and FreeBSD derivitives such as Debian's kFreeBSD. [Nach]
SDL: Battery code now works for Mac OS X too. [drizztbsd, Nach]
SDL: Fixes for Mac OS X. [Nach]
SDL: Make stack non executable for ELF. Thanks drizztbsd. [Nach]
SDL: Made touch usage more compatible, also upped zlib version requirement. [Nach]
SDL: 1024x896 ODR W should have been able to use HQ2x in the first place. [Deathlike]
SDL: Fixed display for OpenGL modes for pressing the "+" button in the GUI state selection screen and frame/auto-frame skip screen. Some archaic code cleanup. [Deathlike]
DOS: Cleaning up handling of input in zloader. Can now set via command line player 1 and 2 to any input in DOS. [Nach]
MOV: Always delete old MZTs when creating a new ZMV. [Nach]
MOV: Fixed crash when recording a movie from reset. [Nach]
MOV: Movie appending now works if append data is there (basically there if you create a movie after this commit). [Nach]
MOV: Some cleanup to movie related code. Movie stopping is now prepped to allow appending. [Nach]
MOV: MZTs naming improvement, as well as code cleanup. Can now use 100 states there too. [Nach]
GUI: Now selected input is highlighted in input selection box. [Nach, Jonas Quinn]
GUI: For the sake of the GUI, some reordering had to be done. While doing this, I have unleashed the untested 5th player option for the parallel port. Make sure to reset your gamepad selection in the DOS port. [Deathlike]
GUI: Fixed a cosmetical issue in the F3 menu after hitting up or down. [Jonas Quinn]
GUI: Pgup/Pgdown now increments/decrements the GUI state slot loader. [Deathlike]
GUI: Slot level selection is now available for the GUI save selector. [Deathlike]
SRC: statefileloc is dead. Now ZSTs numbers are handled nicely [Deathlike, Nach]
SRC: Code Cleanup/Trimming/Optimization [Nach, Jonas Quinn, Deathlike]
SRC: Optimizations to deinterleave code. Fixed a minor issue with split ROMs. [Nach]

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