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Mednafen 1.31 Unstable.
Version Emulateur
1.31 Unstable
Date Mise a Jour

C'est un multi emulateur pour les plateformes suivantes:
Atari Lynx, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, NES, PC Engine(TurboGrafx 16), SuperGrafx, Neo Geo Pocket, and Neo Geo Pocket Color


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Derniers changements
-- 1.31.0-UNSTABLE: --

August 22, 2022:
SNES-Faust: Fixed garbage MSU1 audio on big-endian platforms.

August 15, 2022:
SS: Added "Real Bout Garou Densetsu" to the internal database of games to enable full cache emulation with, to fix startup hang after skipping the BIOS
bootup animation, a regression introduced in 1.26.0-UNSTABLE.

August 11, 2022:
VB: Don't flip framebuffers at the first start of drawing to the framebuffer after power-on, and (always) flip framebuffers when XPRST is triggered, per
tip from blitter.

August 6, 2022:
When running the configure script with --with-external-trio, pkg-config information is now used preferentially if available.

July 28, 2022:
SNES-Faust: Added mouse emulation.

July 25, 2022:
SNES: Fixed #if/#ifdef typo in libco PPC code that reportedly broke libco on PPC when compiling with clang.

July 16, 2022:
MD: Fixed bad values in the PAL V28 VCounter table(though normal resolution interlace VCounter stuff still needs to be fixed). Fixes glitches and
hang in the Europe release of "Donald in Maui Mallard".

Fixed some M68K instruction and exception execution time inaccuracies.

Implemented emulation of M68K instruction Scc's dummy read.

July 4, 2022:
SS: Added basic ST-V support.

SS: In SMPC INTBACK command processing, when starting controller reading after returning SMPC status, wait for Continue/Break *before* waiting for the end
of VBlank, prioritize Continue over Break, and don't allow the wait for end of VBlank to be interrupted by setting the Break bit, per tests on a SS.

June 30, 2022:
Extended support for configuring buttons on virtual ports from port 12 to port 13, using new key combo ALT+SHIFT+Keypad 3, and switching devices
by CTRL+SHIFT+Keypad 3, for future use.

June 25, 2022:
Added std::string variants of MDFN_strazicmp().

Adjusted minimum file extension search priority(e.g. for ".bin" and ".exe" extensions) from -80 to -1000.

June 20, 2022:
Added initial value argument to crc16_ccitt().

June 14, 2022:
Added support for returning CRC32 values in VirtualFS::finfo(), for entries in a ZIP archive.

June 12, 2022:
SS: Trigger mid-frame synchronization when going into vblank if not already triggered by SMPC INTBACK command processing.

March 26, 2022:
SS: When VDP2 per-dot RBG0 coefficient reading is enabled, and a per-dot coefficient read is attempted from a memory region not configured for that purpose
via RDBS, force the coefficient data to 0, instead of using the per-line coefficient data. Fixes graphical glitches in "Radiant Silvergun" when starting
a new game after interrupting the attract mode during the AKA-O battle.

March 23, 2022:
SS: Forcibly disable NBG1-3 only if both RBG0 and RBG1 are enabled via BGON, instead of only checking if RBG1 is enabled; fixes missing/glitchy graphics
in "Houkago Ren'ai Club: Koi no Etude".

March 9, 2022:
SNES-Faust: Fixed broken ExLoROM support.

PCE, PCE-Fast, PC-FX: Update channel 1 frequency cache upon LFO frequency register writes(the way the channel 1 frequency and LFO frequency are combined
is still inaccurate, however, causing frequency update timing granularity to be too high).

February 4, 2022:
SNES-Faust: Fixed PPU window emulation bug that caused graphical glitches with a white circle at a few places in "Final Fantasy 5".

February 2, 2022:
PC-FX: Expanded external backup memory to 128KiB, and changed it so that internal backup memory and external backup memory are saved to/loaded from separate files.

January 22, 2022:
SASPlay: Added support for "Air Walkers".

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