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GoodCPC2.02Cet utilitaire permet de faire l'inventaire de vos ROMS et de connaitre leur version, le dump, tester si elle fonctionne et la renommer avec son nom original.08/06/2004100Image
Emuteca0.7.0.50Emuteca is an emulator front-end for any system, like QuickPlay. Now, it's in English; and it can be translated to any language (I think so...). It's not complete, but it's stable and usable... :-| Features: Support for ROMs inside a 7z, zip, rar, and any other format that 7zip can handle; and extract the ROM (or all files) before launching the emulator. Alternatively, you can use the compressed file itself as a ROM; for example, while you are using MAME. Group games by families or groups. In many system a ''family'' means different versions of a game; while in others it's better use families to handle the different files which belong to the same game (computer games with many discs). It launchs any emulator from command line; althought only some are preconfigured as example, you can add many as you want. Some emulators don't support launch a game from command line but you can use Emuteca to decompress the ROM before lauching the emulator or only for management purposes. You can add, edit, delete or disable any system with the System Manager. Emulator Manager lets you to configure the command line for the emulators. It has a Media Manager to rename media files and assign them to a family or a game. It's in English by default, but can be translated. In 0.6.X versions, created with Delphi... You can assign a video or/and a music file to a game and it can be autoplayed when selecting the game (actually, only MPEG and MIDI were tested). Someday in 0.7.X this feature will return... Other little things that you may discover XD. Some things, like video and music folders (except demo folders in 0.6.X), are useless...22/12/201180Image